Ripple Sycamore and Birds Eye Birch box with brass and silver plated metal inlays and a leather interior.

Custom jewellery box with vintage paint finish. Solid wood with brass fittings. Interior in maple with contrasting walnut highlights and four removable internal trays.

This ring box is made from a single piece of spalted beech with mahogany highlights. Spalting occurs when the wood gets infected with fungus during the drying process, causing black veining and dark patches. The lid attaches with a tapered sliding dovetail that locks it in place. This has to be cut with extreme accuracy to work and ensure that the lid lines up perfectly on the box. Thes boxes can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Keepsake box made from scorched oak and lined with vintage leather.

Flag design to top is made from individual pieces of coloured veneer.

Small Sycamore boxes lined with unfinished, fragrant, Cedar of Lebanon

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